Pro-social Behaviour

Pro-social Behaviour ,today, is one of the most important topics in social psychology. In recent years a great deal of research has been carried out on prosocial behaviour and related topics and on the various processes associated with it . Prosocial behaviour means those types of behaviour which are beneficial to society and its members. […]

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Stereotyping,Prejudice and Discrimination

Prejudice and discrimination is one of the social problems,which are faced practically by almost all nations and communities .In India also there are prejudices towards many caste,communities and religious groups. Discrimination is also practiced frequently .Caste prejudice and religious prejudice is a common phenomenon among us . Urban areas have also seen the growth of […]

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Welcome to my Journey…!

Here , i provide weekly inspiration for all women.A goal of mine is for every word i type to positively enhance your everyday life through meaningful articles on food,art,fashion, beauty and living! Growing up with my bags packed often,traveling and moving was norm.It still is and has provided me wonderful experiences in life that i’ll […]

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Audacity to be a Writer

Writers ….stop comparing yourself to the likes of Stephen King , Danielle Steel and J.K Rowling ….Be Yourself……! Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader-not the fact that it is raining …..but the feeling of being rained upon….!

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26th Jan..!

Freedom in mind ….Faith in words….Pride in hearts…Memories in our souls…Let’s salute the nation on Republic Day….!!!

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